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Grey Wellington Theatre Guild

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Guild brings Twelve Days ‘til Christmas to stage at local theatre

HARRISTON – The Grey Wellington Theatre Guild is bringing a heartwarming Christmas comedy,

set to seasonal music, to the stage at the Harriston Town Hall Theatre.

Twelve Days ‘till Christmas follows the antics of an eccentric group of guests caught up in a

hilarious struggle to find the Christmas Spirit while stuck at the Pear Tree Hotel through the


Written by guild member Megan Raftis, the original script is brought to life by cast of 30 local

actors from Harriston, Palmerston, Mount Forest, Listowel and surrounding areas.

GWTG veterans, including Flora Burke, Caroline Wollis, Sean Riehl, Patrick Raftis and Dan

Bieman, are part of a cast that includes both adult and youth performers.

“It’s been really great to have experienced theatre members come out and share their

knowledge with a lot of new people in this cast,” said director Peggy Raftis.

Peggy said the cast, which has been in rehearsal since early September, “is doing a fabulous

job” in putting together a show that will appeal to audiences of all ages.

“It’s a show the whole family can enjoy,” she notes.

“It’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit. It’s a lot of fun,” adds Megan, who tailored the

script to take full advantage of the guild’s wide range of acting and musical talent.

Live music for the numerous Christmas favorites in the show has been put together under the

musical direction of Janice Hodgins of Mount Forest.

Twelve Days ‘til Christmas runs Nov. 17, 24 and 25 at 7:30pm and Nov. 18 at 8pm following the

Harriston Santa Claus Parade. Matinees are set for Nov. 19 and 26 at 2pm. Tickets, $20, are

available from Harriston Home Hardware and Walsh's IDA in Mount Forest, or Eventbrite at Tickets are also available at the door, or reserve by calling 519-338-

2778 or emailing

The Harriston Town Hall Theatre, located at 68 Elora Street South, is a fully-accessible facility.



For more information call 519-338-2778 or email

















Standing: Left to Right

The cast of the GWTG's 12 Days 'till Christmas production includes: from left: front, Kiersten Raftis. Bastian Dirksen, Ellie Bowman, Adelaide Forester, Kensington Bray-Dunning, Sophia Sicilia, Abbygale Golley, Paisley Forester; centre (seated), Keniah Sargeant. Amber McCraney, Candy Aldridge, Carol Anne Klingenberg, Janice Hodgins (Musical Director); back (standing), Lydia Dirksen, Lexi Drummond, Trinity Skinner, Hattie Bentley, Jack Riehl, Patrick Raftis, Kelly Bray Dunning, Quiana Sargeant, Danica Suchanova, Sherry Campbell. Dan Bieman. Christine Wick, Sean Riehl, Flora Burke, Caroline Wollis. Absent: Jacob Bieman, Ruby Bentley.

12 Days 'til Christmas cast members, from left: front, Sherry Campbell, Kiersten Raftis, Caroline Wollis, Abbygale Golley, Ruby Bentley and Flora Burke.

cast photo 12 days.jpg
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